You’re the one I want

Hold my heart and my broken dreams, all the things I’ve wanted; all the plans I’ve made, I lay them at the altar.

I choose to watch them fade into the smoky backdrop of this hard and bumpy life. Instead of momentary pleasure, I will accept the strife.

Although it hurts and stings me, often bringing me to my knees. It’s there that I find You, and my soul’s peace and ease.

Not from life’s hardships, sorrows, and pains, but from the constant striving, and searching for useless things.

I have learned to love You in sorrow and in drought, and I have learned to chase You only when I go without. To some, it seems so silly, that I love You as I do.

But, they are the ones who do not know the Savior I hold dear. And, what a loss it is for them, that they cannot hold Him near.

I will not ever trade You! Come what may, my mind’s made up. You are the One I love, and that is enough. 

A poem by: Connie J. Lawson 06/20/21


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