Treasures in the darkness

Treasures in the Darkness.

We have all prayed for a miracle at one point or another in our lives. Maybe it was for the life of a loved one. Perhaps it was a prayer to get a much-desired home or job or whatever. Maybe it’s a troubled marriage or child. We pray for a miracle because we want whatever it is so bad that we can hardly imagine how we’ll feel if it doesn’t happen. We can pray for a very long time for circumstances to change that feel like they are set in stone. When divine miracles of supernatural healing and restoration take place, it is so wonderful and we are flooded with relief and we praise God. As we should. 

But what about those times when we wonder why there are no miracles…why God is making us suffer like this and why must we go on day after day without respite? I have learned that there is something about going through the struggle that is attained no other way. When we get a miracle, we lose out on the “experience” of the days, months, and even years of intimacy that only time, perseverance, and even sorrow, bring. With every shortcut, there is a cost. With every miracle, insight and intimacy gained through the long fight are lost. 

Of course, no one “in their right mind” would say no to a miracle, but in this life, we are not usually given that choice, are we? That is why we must come to terms with the fact that His choice is most often for us to go through the valley of “experience”. I’m not saying that miracles are bad…obviously, they are marvelous, or we shouldn’t want them. It’s not that at all. In fact, the opposite is true. I’m merely drawing the conclusion that miracles are not the only divine gift we are given. Precious blessings are available to us in the darkness, in the struggle, and in the fight… things we could never grasp if trouble “miraculously” disappeared.

The purpose of treasures in the darkness is to bring us back to the main thing, Jesus. Our walk with Him is the main thing for us as believers. This life is hard and there are countless scriptures to not only back that up, but encourage and strengthen us. A believer’s life is meant to be mostly a journey looking for and finding the treasures in the darkness. I hope that by reading this book you’ll begin to hunger, as did I to know the Lord deeply, depend on Him fully, and follow His leading completely. 


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