Protected and secured from harm

I care, He said. 


I’ve cared all along. 


Everything I have done is because I care.


He has defended me, the whole way, through everything that’s happened. The very reason it all took place was that He wanted more for me, His desire for me was big, so big in fact, it would require a lot, a cost, a heavy and hard cross. 


The nails on this cross I bear are rusty and the wood is covered in splinters that have caught on my every move. They tear at me, slowly and with great pain removing the dross that has covered me from years of sorrow. But it also tears at them, at my oppressors, my enemies, and my tormentors. 


Each time the great Lord defends me it tears me, but it tears them too, as it breaks painfully away at their hard prideful hearts. I cared He said; that love so perfect it chose me, it didn’t spare me but it never let me go.


Not even for a second, for all of time, He has held me inside of His mighty hand. I sit in the palm of His hand, and although He opens up His fingers and lets the cold winds touch me, it is not without careful thought and a tender understanding of what I need. 


Hardship is the very definition of love.


Hardship is the very definition of love. Think about it. True love is giving what we need but often that takes the shape of something we don’t want. It is the giving or allowing circumstances and situations that will produce the best in the long run regardless of ease and momentary pleasure. 


Hardship was never His choice, for, in the beginning, He created all things perfectly, it was us who chose to leave Him. To pursue the thing that would destroy us and lead to death. He allowed there to remain a way. A way back to Him. It too came through great hardship and unspeakable pain. 


A Father sent and didn’t spare His only son… To save us…You…Me.


A Father sent and didn’t spare His only son… To save us…You…Me. Hardship produces the good, a deep and true good that burrows to the marrow of our spiritual bones. Hardship gives purpose through grievous encounters and the cutting of disappointments. 


Hardship creates gaps that lead to a deepening of spiritual sight and compassion if one will allow it. Hardship creates hunger which in turn creates chaos; and that in the hand of a loving and powerful God creates supernatural fulfillment and peace. Hardship makes known to us the depravity of our humanness and shows our need for a Savior. 


Hardship strips away any thought that we are enough or in control. Hardship is a glorious pit. For when we finally shut up we will see the power of almighty God working within its midst. Molding and making even the worst atrocities obey Him and become the most beautiful outcomes. The same God that holds the dark holds the light.


The same God that holds the dark holds the light.


He allows the bad and pours out blessings all while holding you and me in the palm of His mighty hand. The valleys we travel down are disguised to us like a thick blackness, a madness of sorts when they are really bursting with the most glorious colors and beautiful hope. He knows the darkness too, and it obeys Him. 


The darkness bends to, and serves Him, it cannot escape becoming the very thing used to produce the greatest good in our lives. The bad is God defending us again and again. Taking us down to the pit and bringing us up a new creation in Christ. I am not forsaken, and neither are you, we are loved, chosen, and defended. When He does open His mighty hand and allow pain to touch you, remember, He does it by choice and careful thought, not careless disregard. And He’s got you, in the palm of His hand, right now, always, and forever.

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