Unconditional Love, Personal Pain, and Finding Faith Amidst Suffering

Can you love someone unreservedly, even when you know it will lead to personal pain? In a remarkably candid conversation, I, Connie, share my own journey through such a predicament, highlighting the cost of limitless love and the toll it can take on your physical health – a challenging encounter with the shingles virus. I also share how this experience mirrored the unconditional and unending love that God has for us. 

In the face of nerve-damaging trigeminal neuropathy resulting from shingles, I found myself questioning God’s silence and apparent indifference. But I also share how this journey of suffering led to a deeper understanding of faith and God’s goodness. I talk about the faith journey that started with the loss of my son, and how I chose to rely on God’s goodness amidst all the pain. This episode is a testament to the power of faith, human resilience, and the profound love of God that is not determined by our circumstances but His very nature.Support the show

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