From Captivity to Freedom: An Unshakeable Faith Story

What if you were held captive, not by external forces, but by your own limitations and insecurities? Join me as we walk through the delicate path from captivity to freedom, guided by His divine tenderness. This week, we delve into an inspiring story of a woman named Connie, whose life transformed when she surrendered herself to the faith that her God loves, sees, and is faithful to her. Her journey encapsulates the powerful role faith and prayer play in our relationship with the divine and the hardships that come with the responsibilities and demands of freedom.

To further celebrate our liberation, I have a special offering: hand-painted calligraphy watercolor keepsake name prints, a memorable testament to the joyous moments of faith-filled life. We also ponder over the concept of abundance, and how the Lord, ever so graciously, promises to reverse our captivity right in front of our eyes. It’s a riveting conversation you don’t want to miss, as we navigate the transformation from captivity to freedom, fueled by an unshakeable faith in His love and faithfulness.Support the show

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