Finding Strength in Remembering God’s Faithfulness: A Journey Into Isaiah 46:9-11

Ready to uncover the profound ways remembering God’s actions can bolster your faith? I, Connie, will guide you on this transformative journey, using the verses of Isaiah 46:9-11 as our compass. We’ll go beyond mere remembrance to delve into the character traits God demonstrated in His work. It’s about taking that head knowledge of God’s deeds to heart knowledge, a transition that can fortify your faith like never before. On top of this, I’ll share my unique hand-painted calligraphy watercolor prints—a beautiful keepsake to remind you of God’s faithfulness during special moments.

We’ll also explore the unshakeable faithfulness of God and how we can trust His heart, irrespective of what’s happening around us. It’s not about comprehending everything, rather, it’s about acknowledging His steadfastness and His ceaseless work in our lives. This episode is a faith-affirming reminder that God is reliable and that we can stand firm in our faith. So, share this journey with family and friends, subscribe to the podcast and leave a five-star review to help us reach more listeners. Despite the storms, let’s stand firm in our faith together.Support the show

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