It’s OK To Be Dependant

It is ok to be dependant.

We are so aware of our failures. So conditioned to be “perfect”. From early on in our lives the “do more and better by yourself mentality” becomes a part of our normal existence. And although, it can be, and is, good for a child to learn to be independent and mature. Growing and learning to become more self-reliant and to excel at meaningful activities is not only important but necessary. We must remember even necessary things can easily go too far. 

We want our children to learn to eat with their own fork, tie their own shoes, to go to the bathroom, walk, run, and make friends. We teach them from as soon as they begin to walk, if you fall, get up and keep walking. As they get older and show more maturity we begin teaching them more difficult lessons. All these things are good and we need them.

But…We also need to see the reality of our dependency.

There is no shame in not being enough because no one is. We view independence like it is the greatest accomplishment one can make. Independence= I need no one. I did it myself and I can take care of myself.  This can even be unintentionally taught in church or advised by mentors, or even parents. That in doing more we will find more of God. Sometimes this IS true. Sometimes you need to get off your duff and do your part. The thing with the Christian faith and following God is that things change. God does not but we do. We go in and out of seasons in life and in our walk with the Lord. But there is never a time where we are going to be doing enough. It’s not even really about what we do or don’t in the sense of our actions making a difference in God and his desire to provide and meet our needs. 

We need to stop focusing on what we can and can’t do. You are not adequate and neither am I, thank God because we never had to be. You can take the pressure of needing to excel off of yourself. Take the break you so desperately need from trying and struggling so hard. 

Here’s this often repeated, but true, truth… LET GO & LET GOD.

When you choose to see your weakness and flaws as something that really does exist, rather than denying or abhorring them; you will find freedom. Because Christians are most free when we are the most dependent on God. Realizing our dependency is a form of submission, which is one of, if not the most, important thing to try and master in our walk with the Lord. We are called to submit to God fully, to be submitted. Psalm 62:5 My soul, wait upon God and silently submit to Him; for my hope and expectation is from Him. James 4:7 Be subject (submitted) to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Psalm 62:11 God has spoken once, twice I have heard this: Power belongs to God.

When we accept that God is enough for us and that we want him to fill and heal us, he does marvelous things. One of which is he begins to bring our hearts to a place of peace. Our confidence begins to pour out from a place of fullness because it is confidence in the truth of God within us. God begins to speak in a way we could not hear when we were so self-focused. His voice begins to bring a new perspective and we will start to rest easier in our flaws. Because in our inadequacy we are filled. Our imperfections make manifest our perfect God. Take a breath friend…. It is truly ok to not be enough.

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