Fighting for Faith

God uses the small and insignificant. The broken and forsaken are His tools of choice. Giving the little you have is all God desires. He does not need or want anything, but He desires you as you are. What do you have to give Him? Your doubts? Your fears? What about the great disappointment you just faced? Do you find it odd that I say this? I believe that worship can be in the form of grief, pain, and even anger. I think that when we bring what we have inside our hearts to the Lord in honesty, He will help us wrestle it out and find the truth beneath the lies.

When we show up with what we have, God works. It has never been about brains brawn or prestige with God. When we get into the “ring” with God and lay out what we have, the tension of the wrong beliefs are met with His divine love, and from there can be changed. It is the sacred dance of spiritual wrestling that allows for truth to prevail in our lives. 

Our God doesn’t want us to stuff down our thoughts and feelings. Nor does He want us to hide our questions and fears. Faith is not a magical gift; it is a hard-fought and meticulously maintained treasure. We cultivate faith by bringing our doubts. We grow it by continually addressing our questions. 

The answers that God gives, or doesn’t aren’t the goal or the point. Let me explain; we wrestle with God not to get answers, but to be changed. To have this happen, we must be willing to bring our stuff to Him. He will not answer every question or calm every fear; neither will He change every situation. But, He changes you. He brings you to the place where you know Him well enough that you accept His truth, and peace will then permeate your heart, which will overflow into the situation. 

You don’t need to know what I am doing because you know who I am.

There are so many things I do not know about God.  I used to stress and strain about all I couldn’t figure out. I believed that my lack of understanding of why something happened or how something could be meant that I couldn’t be close to the Lord. LIES. That is a lie of Satan. We are never closer to God than when we are confounded, lost, or afraid. And it makes no difference whether or not we feel it.

Bring whatever you have today. Stop saying it’s not enough. Is all you have a broken heart? Bring it and be changed. What about your questions? Doubts or fears? Bring them and find quiet for your soul. Peace is not in the answered prayer, but in the knowledge of God. And He is waiting to comfort you to change you from the inside out.

All is well because He is here and He has overcome the world.

If you have questions about how salvation works or desire to know more about God, I’d love to be honored to help you. Just drop me an email. You can find this on the “contact me” page of my site. God Bless!

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