Facing My Worst Fear

Things I learned while being interrogated. 11/19/21

Truth I learned as I faced my personal worst nightmare.

I can:

Remain calm.

I can remain calm even in the midst of verbal assault because of the help of the Holy Spirit. I have never been able to maintain peace in an emotionally turbulent situation. I learned differently. Not by anything I did right or that I wasn’t doing before, but by the power of the Spirit of Christ. He did something inside of me, He brought change, out of His goodness He worked in me.

Recall truth.

I can recall the truth of God even when I am in a hard situation with high emotions. I never have been able to allow arrows to be thrown at me and not tried to defend myself with great emotions and desperation. Today I got a chance, in a major way. The Holy Spirit showed me in my weakness and pain I can recall His truth. It is not gone or hidden from me. The enemy likes me to believe that in my emotions truth doesn’t exist, only desperation and chaos. That is a lie. The truth of God is available to me at all times. His truth is the sword of the Spirit and it is powerful to tear down strongholds.


Refocus my sight.

With the power of God and His Holy Spirit within me, I can refocus my inner eyes back to the face of Christ. There, with my eyes fixed on His face I can do the next hard thing in a seemingly impossible situation. I can do hard things well. I can do hard things because Christ truly is present and wants to help me see that He will be victorious when I trust and depend on Him alone.


Not retaliate.

With Christ as my defender I don’t have to defend myself or exact revenge on my enemy. Because God Himself fights for me. I don’t have to walk in the shame of the past. I don’t have to wear my failures like a garment of low worth. I am not impoverished, but very rich! Rich in Christ. I don’t have to pretend I’m not who I am out of shame, guilt, and fear. I don’t have to hate those who fight against me because of my past or present weakness. My dignity and worth are not able to be questioned because they alone come from God and He chose me from before time began. I am the apple of His eye and He has taken personal interest in me to show me in all these ways His dedicated, personal, and profound love for me.


How blessed am I.


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