Do You Trust Me

Do you trust me? 


He continues to ask this of me. It serves as both a reminder and a warning. He knows the battle I am in, and he knows what is at stake. Every day I struggle. I struggle to continue on in hope and stalwart faith. Humanly speaking, there is no evidence of good in the works. My life is continually marked by pain, loss, disappointment, and further sorrow. 


I struggle to fight against the physical reality of darkness and despondency. I am fighting to believe my God when he says, I have great plans for you. There is more at play here than you can see. I am working, and I AM is capable. I need no help, assistance, or advice. 


This trust, why is it so important? Why does it even matter? Couldn’t I just continue on and when it happened, if it did, be pleasantly surprised? I suppose that’s an option, but not for me! I want to change and be emboldened to have a spine of steel, and faith to match. I want to know somewhere deep inside that my God is a hopeful God and therefore I am never without. 


To believe that my life was and is carefully orchestrated by a God who loves me and knows me and cares for me 

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