Belief based on trust rather than proof or evidence


I believe my view of faith is changing.

I believe, I have long thought that it was God answering (answering by changing, doing miracles, making provisions, stopping pain, bringing me out of, or even stopping something).

That faith was simply the belief of good things (comfort, peace, happiness, joy) ultimately happening. That there is a good place at the end of pain.

I think my faith was really just this shallow belief that God would/will do good things/bring about good things ultimately for me.

I think that this life is supposed to be hard. The statement, not I, but Christ, is faith. That is it. It’s about Him. Not what He will do (certainly not for me) not even what He can do… but, solely WHO HE IS.

That is faith. Who is God. That is where comfort lies. Not in the goodness of this life, for this life is made to be hard.

This life is supposed to be endlessly loving the hard people put within your path, forgiving the things you find unforgivable, giving of yourself, being poured out over and over, and suffering like Christ.

Oddly, our faith, as it grows means that our life will get harder. Not easier. To know Christ is to suffer as He did. To accept Him is to accept all the pain we cannot understand. To experience Him we must be ushered into more sorrow so we will be emptied out and there will be made room for Him to fill.

To the contrary, faith, a growing faith, means an increase of suffering. How else will there be a growing ability to die to self and to choose Christ.

This life is not some version of heaven. This life is the living out the consequence of sin while having the opportunity to abide in the faithfulness of God.

This life is supposed to be hard. Faith thrives in the hard. And faith, true faith, leads us to know who God is, more than what He can do.


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